16 Trendy Tattoos That Will Be Cringey In A Few Years

16 Trendy Tattoos That Will Be Cringey In A Few Years


16 Trendy Tattoos That Will Be Cringey In A Few Years's Profile

So, for the love of discourse, here are the tattoos our readers think will be a little regrettable by, like, 2025:


“Gothic and grunge tats like cherubs holding guns, skulls, black butterflies, snakes, etc. They’re pretty in style right now, but soon it’ll be cringey to see them and think of how ‘deep’ they used to be.”



“Any sort of red ink fine line tattoo.”



“Tattoo artist here! My coworkers and I have a ‘basic’ folder of artwork that people ask for over and over — things like monarch butterflies, simple line work, hearts, and peaches that lots of people want on their ribs or booties.”



“Micro tattoos, especially on fingers. They’re not going to last long before getting blurry or faded.”


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“Zodiac signs will be considered so cringe in the future, I just know it. I mean, they’re interesting and all, but we made fun of everyone having the same tattoo in 2013, so everyone having the same signs on their bodies will definitely be made fun of again.”



“Any copy of a celebrity’s ‘special’ tattoo, like that Avengers one that the OG6 got. That was a cute bonding experience for the cast and a reminder of this journey they went on together. If you want something to commemorate your love of the series, choose something special to you, don’t copy their thing.”



“Lace mandalas on the sternum. Seems like everyone got them for their first tattoos over the past few years.”



“Tattoos in general will probably fade out of fashion as quickly as they entered — 15–20 years ago, virtually nobody under the age of 60 had tattoos. I’m certain it will be so again.”


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“Any kind of tattoo for a book/TV show/movie that is currently popular. There’s no guarantee that you’ll like it next week, much less in 10 years or when you’re 90 years old. Everyone’s interests change and adapt over time, and I personally think tattoos like that are a bad idea.”



“Watercolor tattoos. They don’t always heal the best, and because often there’s no outline, you can’t even tell what it was originally supposed to be.”


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“I think microrealism is going to go out of style. After a few years, people will see that these tattoos fade and don’t look like they do on Instagram (where most of the pictures you see are brand-new, sharp tattoos and you rarely see healed work).”



“I personally think getting celebs’ faces tattooed on you! I’ve seen a lot of people like this and isn’t it…a bit much?? Not only is it just weird, but it’s like WTF?! And especially the fact that they may not know them personally, and yet they still have them inked on their bodies. I think this will definitely be cringeworthy and just weird in 10 years.”



“Stick-and-poke butterflies (especially on the ankle) have been lame for decades. They even made fun of it on Son in Law in 1993.”



“Any small, dainty handwritten script on wrists, collar bones, or ribcages.”


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“I think that having lots of visible tattoos will at some point be very out of style. That’s the way fashion works; what everyone wants today will be shunned in the future. These very tattooed people will either endure lots of pain and spend lots of money to get them removed or will feel out of place. And of course some won’t care, because they will still be happy with their ink.”



And lastly, this: “Get whatever you want, just don’t be a tattoo copycat. It’s fine to be inspired by other work you’ve seen, but don’t just ask your artist to re-create it exactly for you. Find an artist that will work with you and bring their own spin on the piece.”


So which of today’s popular tattoos do ✨YOU✨ think will be overdone in a few years? Tell us in the comments!!!

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