23 Reality TV Couples That Either Stayed Together Or Broke Up

23 Reality TV Couples That Either Stayed Together Or Broke Up


23 Reality TV Couples That Either Stayed Together Or Broke Up's Profile

Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. 🤷‍♀️

Reality TV shows are great for bringing us drama and entertainment. They’re also great for creating onscreen romances (for the most part).

Sometimes, those romances that start on our favorite reality shows continue IRL once the cameras stop rolling. But unfortunately, not all reality TV romances continue offscreen.

So here are 14 reality TV couples that stood the test of time:


Starting off strong with Lauren and Cameron from Love Is Blind. They met on the dating show we all watched during quarantine and have been together ever since.

Currently, they are about to celebrate their third wedding anniversary and have done just about any and everything.


Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, another couple from Love Is Blind, are going stronger than ever.

Just like Lauren and Cameron, this couple is also about to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.


Despite a rocky journey and being the cause of way too many rule breaks in Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle, Cam and Emily proved that their time on the retreat worked as they’re still happily together.


During the first four episodes alone, Cam and Emily lost $17,000 between the two of them!

They are still thriving and showing the world that all the money they lost on the show was well worth it.


After being on Season 1 of The Bachelor and being runner-up, Trista was the first-ever contestant on The Bachelorette. And that’s where she met Ryan.

Ida Mae Astute / Getty Images

The couple got married in December 2003 and had their wedding televised in a three-part special called Trista & Ryan’s Wedding

The couple has been happily married ever since and now has two children.


Even though Love Island USA Season 3 recently wrapped this past summer, not many couples are still going strong. Cashay and Cinco luckily are.

Once Cash was voted off the show, she immediately met up with Cinco and they’ve been together ever since.


Love Island UK Season 6 couple Eva and Nas went through some small challenges, but they found each other at the end of the day and have been together ever since.

Itv / ITV/Shutterstock

At first, Nas had a rough time matching with anyone in the villa until Demi arrived. But shortly after, Casa Amor took place and Nas soon found Eva.

A few months after leaving the show together, they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. This past July, they even celebrated their first anniversary.


Love Island UK Season 6 winners Paige and Finn met when he arrived on day 6 and they’ve been together ever since.

Hulu / ITV

From day 6 all the way to day 43, Paige and Finn spent that time together. 

This past February, the two celebrated their first anniversary and there’s no sign of them stopping anytime soon.


Despite coming in second place on Love Island UK Season 6, Luke and Siânnise couldn’t be happier at the moment.

Hulu / ITV

Just like most reality TV relationships, Luke and Siânnise went through some struggles. In the end, they managed always to find a way back to each other.

Similar to Paige and Finn, this happy couple has just recently celebrated their first anniversary this past February.


Molly-Mae entered Love Island UK Season 5 on day 5 and immediately caught Tommy’s eye.

Jamy Barcroft / Getty Images

Not to sound like a broken record but these two went through some challenges as one would expect any couple on a reality dating show to go through. Between Casa Amor and love triangles left and right, sometimes it looked like the odds were not in their favor. 

Ultimately, they surpassed every challenge and became the Season 5 runners-up.


In 2017, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo met on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, where Rachel accepted Bryan’s proposal.

Marion Curtis / Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock

The two eventually tied the knot in a not-televised wedding ceremony in 2019. Since their wedding day, the couple has returned to Miami.

This past August, the gorgeous couple celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary.


Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond met on the first-ever season of MTV’s Are You the One? and have been together ever since.

This year, Amber and Ethan celebrated their seventh anniversary together and now have two children.


On Season 22 of The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. originally proposed to Becca Kufrin before changing his mind and marrying runner-up Lauren Burnham.

Paul Hebert / Getty Images

The two got engaged during the “After the Final Rose” special and were married in January 2019. 

Luckily, this beautiful couple is still together and has three children.


Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe met on Season 17 of The Bachelor and have been together ever since.

Dave Hagerman / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Currently, they are still happily married and have three kids together.


Season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick proposed and became engaged to Melissa Rycroft before changing his mind and picking to be with Molly Malaney.

Paul Hebert / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

During the “After the Final Rose” special, which took place six weeks after filming ended, Jason broke up with Melissa due to believing the two “weren’t right for each other.”

They’re currently still together after 11 years of marriage and have two children.

And 9 couples that unfortunately couldn’t even last a year together:


Season 2 of Kourtney and Kim Take New York followed the journey between Kim and Kris falling in love. But as we all know, their love didn’t last very long.

Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

Their wedding ceremony was filmed and released on E! as a four-hour wedding special called Kim’s Fairytale Wedding. They even renewed their vows after five weeks. Unfortunately, 72 days later, Kim filed for divorce. 

Just about the whole world has been keeping up with Kim since the end of her marriage to Kris and we’ve seen her do just about everything.

Following the divorce, Kris continued to play basketball until he retired in 2019.


Earlier this year, Season 2 of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle came out and there were couples left and right, but only a few walked out together. Melinda and Marvin were one of them.

Tom Dymond/ Netflix

Here’s a rundown for those of you who don’t know how the show works: Basically, a group of super-horny people who cannot make deeper connections in their romantic relationships are put on a retreat together. They only have one rule: Refrain from any sexual activity. That means no kissing, no heavy petting, no self-gratification, and of course…NO SEX! The group enters with a prize total of $100,000 and for each rule break, they lose more and more money.

Marvin and Melinda were one of the only two couples to leave the retreat in an official relationship despite many hurdles. On their boat date, Marvin asked Melinda to be his girlfriend and sparks were definitely flying. Unfortunately, they broke up sometime between the end of filming (December 2020) and the “Too Hot to Handle Season 2: Extra Hot Reunion Show” that came out in July 2021. 

Since the breakup, Melinda has been thriving and continuing to make the world fall in love with her.

After winning the $55,000 prize, Marvin has gone back to living his best life in Paris.


After going on several blind dates on Netflix’s Dating Around, Lex decided to give Cory the honor of a second date. Unfortunately, their time together didn’t go on much further than that.


Dating Around is a Netflix show wherein a single person looking for love goes on five blind dates. Once their dates are over, they have to decide which person they enjoyed the most and ask them out for a second date.

Shortly after the show, Lex talked to Time about his experience dating as an Asian American gay man and his time on the show. He even discussed where he and Cory stood once the cameras stopped rolling. 

“We did another one without the cameras there, which was great. We kept in touch for a while but sort of, I call it, mutually disengaged,” he explained. “For me, it’s hard because I’m sort of out of town so much. That’s something I’m going to have to deal with.”

Lex has continued to be a costume/set designer and kept busy since his time on the show.

According to his Instagram, which he hasn’t used since his time on the show in 2019, Cory lives a pretty private life.


Justine and Caleb were the winners of Love Island USA and looked adorable throughout their entire journey. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and they didn’t last long after the show.

Cbs Photo Archive / CBS via Getty Images

Just three months after the show, Justine announced the split in a now-deleted Instagram post. 

“It’s truly a strange feeling to be typing this out but I understand my reality is now having to share some aspects of my life with you all regardless of how private I’d like to remain at times,” she said. “This is extremely difficult for me to express but out of respect for those of you who supported me and rode for me, I want you to know that Caleb and I are no longer together.”

Even though the show ended, that didn’t slow Justine down at all.

Similar to Justine, Caleb has also been keeping very busy since his time on the show.


Sharron and Rhonda on Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle seemed like the perfect match but sadly their spark dimmed.


They had some rule breaks here and there, but in the end, they made huge growth on Lana’s journey and left the retreat as an official couple. In July 2019 (a few months after Season 1 aired), the couple ultimately split up. According to them, long distance and busy schedules were the reasons behind their demise. 

Since being on the retreat, Sharron has kept busy working as a model and he even appeared in a Fetty Wap music video.

These days, Rhonda spends her time in Atlanta living her best life with her adorable son.


For Love Island fans, it wasn’t shocking when Amber and Greg won Season 5, especially seeing how much everyone loved them. Sadly, their love didn’t stand the test of time and they broke up five weeks after they first met.

Matt Frost / Matt Frost/ITV/Shutterstock

Amber was introduced to the season on day one and everyone who watched knew she had a rough time, to put it simply. But finally, after weeks of hardships, Greg came in and swept her off her feet. 

The two ended up winning and seemed happier than ever. Apparently, the long distance and busy schedules were the ultimate reason they broke up, according to Greg

Since winning the prize (and our hearts), Amber has definitely kept busy.

Following his time at the villa, Greg has done a multitude of things including competing in the 2021 Olympics.


During the second season of The Bachelor, Aaron Buerge and Helene Eksterowicz fell in love on national TV. Unfortunately, they broke up just five weeks after getting engaged.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Before the ABC Special titled The Bachelor: Aaron and Helene Tell All, Helene spoke about how the engagement was called off. She stated that he took her to a Starbucks in her New Jersey neighborhood and revealed that he was no longer “emotionally invested” in their relationship. 

“It felt like a bomb dropped,” she revealed. “I said, ‘I feel very deceived by you. You’ve told me every single day that you love me, and now this is it?'”

These days, Aaron is now a banker, remarried in 2009, and has three children.

David Handschuh / Getty Images

Like Aaron, Helene also got remarried. She now works as a school psychologist.

Scott Gries / Getty Images


At the end of Season 24 on The Bachelor, Peter Weber called off his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss and chose to be with runner-up Madison Prewett. Unfortunately, the two broke up two days after reuniting during the “After the Final Rose” special.

John Fleenor / ABC via Getty Images

When reflecting on their short relationship, Peter claimed that they “didn’t even get in a relationship again,” he explained. “I know they say, ‘Oh, it’s 24 or 48 hours. That was the shortest relationship ever!’ We never committed to a relationship.”

After his breakup with Madison, Peter started dating Kelley Flanagan, who came in fifth place on his season. The two shortly broke up at the end of 2020.

Since the breakup, Madison has kept pretty busy. She recently released a book called Made for This Moment in October.


And finally, Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz met in Season 4 of Married at First Sight. They got married but had problems that resulted in them splitting up 10 days later.

©ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection

They two seemed happy together until they started having problems during their honeymoon. Apparently, Heather viewed Derek’s smoking habit as something she absolutely couldn’t handle. Derek told People that he was “always willing to compromise with it” but that just wasn’t something Heather wanted to compromise on, leading to their divorce. This also makes them the shortest marriage on the show. 

Heather lives a pretty private life since her time on the show but according to her bio, she’s a new mom and a flight attendant.

Similarly to Heather, Derek has also kept a pretty private life since his time on the show.

Are there any couples you were surprised to see still together (or broken up)? Also, are there any reality TV couples that you wish made the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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