Dumb Yet Hilarious Austin Powers Moments


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Dumb Yet Hilarious Austin Powers Moments's Profile

“In the spring we’d make meat helmets.”

Maybe I have the mind of a 14-year-old boy, but I still think the Austin Powers movies are peak comedy.

New Line Cinema

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is the funniest movie of all time.

They’re stupid, crass, and sexual, but also filled with a bunch of hilarious puns and quotable moments.

New Line Cinema

They’ve aged way better than similar movies from the 1990s/2000s. Plus, they have great soundtracks!

Below, I’ve compiled 26 moments from the Austin Powers films that still make me laugh after all this time, no matter how stupid they are.

Warner Bros. Pictures

My family still quotes these.


When one of Dr. Evil’s minions would answer questions if they were asked three times:

New Line Cinema

I don’t know why, but this scene is hilarious every time. It’s just so stupid it’s funny, especially when they start arguing about which questions count for the three-question rule.


When Dr. Evil and Scott went to a father-son support group and Dr. Evil admitted that he was trying to kill Scott:

New Line Cinema

And then he goes, “He’s quite stubborn — he takes after his old man that way.” Gets me every time.


And then the therapist asked Dr. Evil about his childhood and he said it was “typical”:

New Line Cinema

My father can quote this whole speech.


When Dr. Evil and Scott went on Maury and Dr. Evil called Scott “the Diet Coke of evil”:

New Line Cinema

Who thought of putting Dr. Evil on Maury?? It’s genius.


When Dr. Evil got stuck in his rotating chair:

New Line Cinema

I feel like Mike Myers just improvised half of this.


Everything about the “Just the Two of Us” scene:

New Line Cinema

This song is an actual bop.


And the “Hard Knock Life” scene:


When Dr. Evil was tired of Scott interrupting him, so he kept coming up with new and inventive ways to tell Scott to “zip it”:


When Austin made this A+ pun:

New Line Cinema

A double entendre Shakespeare would be proud of.


When Austin was attacked in a toilet stall and the guy in the stall next to him thought he was just going to the bathroom:

New Line Cinema

I hate that I laughed so much.


When Dr. Evil’s rocket launched and everyone kept trying to say what it looked like:

New Line Cinema

Is this stupid, or is it the cleverest movie scene of all time?


When Austin showed his directing skills in this photo session:

New Line Cinema

The movies were filled with toilet and sexual humor, but the funniest moments had nothing to do with either.


When Austin was relieved that the capitalists were brought down:


When Scott had an outburst that was at the same time very normal for a teenager, and very not:

New Line Cinema

Did the Powerpuff Girls ever have this exchange with Professor Utonium?


When the movies ripped off Godzilla without ripping off Godzilla:

New Line Cinema / Via citystompers1.tumblr.com

I loved when the movies broke the fourth wall or got all self-referential.


When Austin tried to copy Felicity’s exit from the water…

New Line Cinema

…wearing a matching bathing suit.


When Dr. Evil’s team kept shooting down his ideas because they’d already happened:

New Line Cinema

They could’ve gone all day with this.


When Austin misunderstood what Felicity meant:

New Line Cinema

Amelia Bedelia, is that you?


When Felicity was pulling stuff out of Austin’s bag and through the tent, it looked as if she was pulling a ton of objects from his butt:

New Line Cinema

Was it mature humor? No. Was it hilarious? Absolutely.


When Dr. Evil jumped into his time machine but it wasn’t on yet, so he fell down the ramp:

New Line Cinema

One thing I never got, though, was how he seemed to forget Mini-Me here and then he brings him once the machine is on. I’m not *overly* concerned with Austin Powers plot holes, though.


When Dr. Evil kept hitting Number 2 with a giant rubber ball of the Earth after bouncing it like a basketball:

New Line Cinema

It’s even funnier because it’s Rob Lowe.


When Dr. Evil was not here for anyone not calling him by the correct title:


When Austin’s father contradicted himself:


When Austin described himself “in a nutshell,” then took things a little literally:

New Line Cinema

Another VERY quotable line, but only if you do the movement with it.


When Austin struggled to do a three-point turn:


And finally, when Austin had a Freudian slip:

Did I miss any? What are your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments!

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