Durham police out in the community for Crime Prevention Week

Durham police out in the community for Crime Prevention Week


Durham police out in the community for Crime Prevention Week's Profile

You might find a Durham police officer at your door this week with some helpful tips.

They’re out for Crime Prevention Week, which runs from November 7 to 13.

This year’s theme is “Safer Communities, Stronger Ontario.”

Constable Darryl Rice says during this time of year, they want to help you stop porch pirates.

“Set up specific times when you expect a delivery to be made to your home,” suggested Rice. “As well, set up notifications [through a security camera or doorbell] to that you know exactly when your parcel has been delivered. If someone at home is not going to be available to receive your parcel, set an alternative location [where someone is home].”

Rice says police will also be handing out Faraday bags for your keys, wallet and phone.

“What the Faraday bag does is it helps block the radio frequency from being sent and received from your device to another device and by just putting it [your stuff] in there, it just helps block that frequency from being transmitted or received.”

Rice adds police will also be reminding people to “lock it or lose it,” as many being holiday shopping.

If you are running back and forth to your car with gifts, make sure they’re in the trunk or covered in the back seat so criminals aren’t tempted to break into your car and snatch them.

Officers will be in communities in Pickering and Ajax between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tuesday and visiting people in Whitby and Oshawa during the same time Wednesday.


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