Jason Momoa Said He Travels With Kids Stuffed Animals

Jason Momoa Said He Travels With Kids Stuffed Animals


Jason Momoa Said He Travels With Kids Stuffed Animals's Profile

“These go everywhere with me.”

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During a new interview with GQ, Momoa revealed 10 things he can’t live without and two of those “very important” items are his children’s stuffed animals.

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Momoa’s daughter, Lola, has a stuffed piglet named Piggy Pig Spirit and son Wolfe has a plush bison named Potato.

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When talking about them, Momoa couldn’t help but bring the stuffed animals closer to his face to snuggle with them.

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“If you have babies, you know you got stuffed animals,” he shared. “And if you’re not with your babies then you’re going to be cuddling stuffed animals.”

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“Wolfie just got this amazing character and he called it Potato and I thought it was the most genius name for a stuffed animal!” Momoa added.

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The Aquaman star explained that the toys “sleep in [the same] bed” with him when he’s away from his kids and they make the best “traveling companions” as well.

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“When I don’t have my [children] with me, which I normally do,” he said, “but if I don’t [then] these go everywhere with me.”

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Momoa has grown so fond of the toys that he couldn’t share any stories about his travels with them.

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“I think it’s a little too personal so unfortunately, I won’t get into the stories because that’s just for me and my family,” Momoa shared.

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