Jokes Which Sum Up Halloween In Australia

Jokes Which Sum Up Halloween In Australia


Jokes Which Sum Up Halloween In Australia's Profile

“Now that Halloween is becoming popular in Australia, I think we need to give it a more Aussie aesthetic. I suggest swooping magpies, cane toads and hay fever.”


the fact that halloween isn’t considered a holiday in australia is blatant disrespect to all the emos and goths around the nation


>Orders a costume within Australia for Halloween.
>Orders a costume because it was marked expectant delivery time as 22 Oct.
>Costume is apparently coming in 1 Nov instead.

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I’m a Canadian expat in Australia. Asked my gf to get a pumpkin from the shop so I can make pie. Here’s what she texted me.😂 Aussies are still working on understanding Halloween. #expatlife

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i hope you know that when i say australia sucks its because everyone here hates cats and halloween violently and those are the only things i love


My family- Sick of seeing all the Halloween stuff in Australia, we are aren’t North America! Can’t believe the people here who like it.



my way of celebrating Halloween in Australia was to turn off the lights, lock the doors and pretend nobody’s at home


me: watches diy halloween costume videos even though i cant do them cause we dont celebrate halloween in australia


The downside of not celebrating Halloween in Australia is that there’s nothing to stop this!


October in Australia is legit one area being Halloween themed whist the rest of the store is Christmas mayhem lol


Now that Halloween is becoming popular in Australia I think we need to give it a more Australian aesthetic. Pumpkins don’t really represent an Oz Spring after all.

I suggest swooping magpies, cane toads and hayfever.


Halloween never took off in my country Australia.. our animals are already Halloween horrors all year round 😆


Australia will never properly pull off Halloween because it’s spring and there’s nothing spooky about a warm evening with blossom trees


Halloween isn’t celebrated in Australia and my neighbors kids wanted to trick or treat so the mom gave everyone in the neighborhood candy to give back to her of the year lol


halloween bARELY exists in australia. i have no choice but to prefer christmas


Halloween isn’t really the same here in Australia since it’s going into springtime.


That IS the start of snake season. The REAL spooky season.


im so sad halloween doesnt exist in australia last time i went trick or treating this old bastard said that this isnt america and told my mates and i to piss off


>they don’t celebrate halloween in australia

ok, no offense to my australian friends but

between that, the slow internet, and the fact that pretty much any living creature you see could kill you in like 2 seconds

your country kinda sucks


Sending Halloween greetings to the apocalyptic flying insect capital of the world, the state of South Australia.


Australia explain!!!
I swear I thought this was some next level Halloween decoration

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