Ontario Science Table releases new COVID-19 projections

Ontario Science Table releases new COVID-19 projections


Ontario Science Table releases new COVID-19 projections's Profile

On Friday, Ontario’s Science Table unveiled the last COVID-19 modelling for the province.

However, this time the experts on the table note that because of the current surge of cases their predictions are unstable and may by conservative.

They say cases are rising in most public health units.

Right now hospitalization and ICU numbers are stable, but the table says they will likely increase.

The advisors say intensive care occupancy is likely to increase to approximately 200 patients by the new year.

They say unvaccinated people have a 6-fold higher risk of symptomatic COVID-19 disease, an 11-fold higher risk of being in the hospital and a 26-fold higher level of being in the ICU compared to those who are fully vaccinated.

They recommend policies supporting proper masking and full vaccination and say the recent pause on the province’s reopening plan was the right decision.

The group also notes that COVID-19 risk remains higher for lower-income people, minority groups and essential workers.

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