People Revealed Their Most Wholesome Secret On Reddit

People Revealed Their Most Wholesome Secret On Reddit


People Revealed Their Most Wholesome Secret On Reddit's Profile

Secrets get a bad rap sometimes because people assume they’re mostly hiding something embarrassing or sinister. But, there can totally be good, lighthearted secrets.

So, when u/Hendrik_Lamar Reddit user asked “What’s your most wholesome secret?” people started pulling at heartstrings. Check out these answers:


“When I was a kid I used to always twist the quarter machines on the way into stores just in case. Got lucky a couple of times and a few free toys. Now that I’m grown if I’m leaving a store with them I like to drop change into them if I have it and leave them half twisted.”


“Me and my friends once bought a valentine for a boy who wasn’t very popular in our class. We didn’t put our names on it, but he was so happy to have received one, he kept turning it over and over in his hands all day.”


“My wife thinks I share my food fairly with her. Joke is on her; she gets the best pieces/the larger slice.”

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Friendship is so amazing.

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“My best friend’s mom passed away from cancer 4 years ago on Easter Sunday. She was like a second mom to me. She was very religious and always dreamed of going to Jerusalem.

When she passed away, my best friend became reckless and would try to drown his feelings in booze and cover up the dark with the bright lights of clubs and women. This went on for a couple years.

Eventually, my best friend hit beyond rock bottom to where he was living in his car with only a backpack of clothes and his mom’s ashes. I let him stay with me and he turned it around. He stopped going to bars. He started caring again. He started saving money. He decided he would spread his mom’s ashes in Jerusalem.

Well, he got into a car accident last month and totaled his car. Not his fault. Someone plowed through a red light. Medical bills and attorneys fees drained his savings. But it’s okay. He told me how there was a bank error and someone deposited $3000.00 into his bank account. He’s all set to be in Jerusalem around Easter and my Hawaii trip was postponed.”



“One time my best friend and I went to a comic con and she dressed as a super obscure character that nobody knew about and she was getting sad that nobody recognized her costume, so I bribed a stranger with candy to pretend to recognize it.”


“I travel a lot and love little dive bars. If I have a good conversation with someone there, but it’s time for me to leave, I’ll wait until they use the restroom, or go outside to smoke, then pay both of our tabs and leave before they return.”


“When my mom was a professor I used to put a couple of positive ratings on at the end of the semester, that said exactly what she would have wanted to hear.”


“Whenever I take the elevator to the top floor at my job, I always press the button to send it to the ground floor so the next person doesn’t have to wait.”


“Sometimes I walk the longer way home from the supermarket in the hopes of seeing that cat that likes me to give it tummy rubs.”


“I message my girlfriend’s mom on Facebook to tell her about all of our milestones and important things about our lives and relationship even though her mom passed away several years ago. I plan on showing this to my girlfriend when I propose on our third anniversary.


“When I was in first grade, I was nominated for student of the month, along with one other girl. There was a class vote, and I wrote down the name of the other girl, because I thought that’s what the student of the month would do. I lost by one vote.”


“I know a little boy in my child’s class that lives a hard life. Whenever there is a raffle for any goodies I buy a bunch of tickets and put his name.on them. He’s won a pizza party and an ice cream party.”


“When I travel for work, I have a $25 dollar meal limit from my company. I always try to buy two cheaper meals and give one to a homeless person if I can.”


“About 8 years ago I was walking down the street in Normal, Illinois during the winter. I passed by a lady who had no gloves on and her hands were looking kinda blue. I gave her the gloves I had. They were super nice pair and I absolutely loved those gloves. But I had another pair at home (not nearly as nice), and I couldn’t stand the thought of me having two pairs of gloves while she had none.”


“This is probably too late to get noticed by anyone, but when my little brother was younger he would set out “leprechaun traps” on St Patrick’s Day. My parents didn’t want to bother with them so I left little gold candies in each one and carefully set them all off leaving a bit of green glitter to make a path. He’s grown out of it, but to this day he still thinks my parents did it.”


“I pretend I don’t know that my nephew drops pennies to remind me of my recently passed husband. I can’t tell him for fear of breaking his heart.”


“I offer rides to people I see while I’m driving a lot. I used to have to walk everywhere, and I only got offered a lift once. I don’t like to mention it because people think a serial killer is gonna get me or some crap.”


“I put change in people’s parking meters so they don’t run out of time.”


“I always take an extra bag for trash when walking my dog. The city worker in charge of the park is an elderly man. Every time he gets out of his pickup he is holding his back. There are a bunch of teenagers that party and leave their trash everywhere and the poor guy has to pick it all up. We walk really close to the tree lines and pick up the trash scattered in hard to reach places so he doesn’t have to. I’ve got his schedule figured out so he doesn’t catch us doing it.”

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