Reasons Why Dating Apps Are The Worst


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Reasons Why Dating Apps Are The Worst's Profile

Posted 40 minutes ago

If you clicked on this post, there’s a high probability that you’re familiar with the sorrows of online dating. Hopefully the following tweets will make you feel less alone. And hey, if any of these make you laugh, give the user a follow:


My roommate brought back a Hinge date who asked if we could go out then told me she was “new to the COVID situation”


Once I was on a tinder date and the dude I was at dinner with pulled out his phone and started showing me the IG pics of mine he had masturbated to…. hope he’s NOT doing ok


My roommate was just charged a “Hinge date no show fee” on Venmo for deciding not to go out on a date with this dude (she’s never met) Saturday night


thinking about a hinge date i went on where the guy told me his favorite directors were “the Andersons. Paul Thomas and Wes, of course.”


My roommate went on a bumble date and was nervous so decided to pound shots in her car once she got to the place they were meeting and the guy was parked next to her and watched her chug vodka for 5 minutes.

Dating is rough.


I’m not even kidding when I say that I was on a dating app date tonight when the man cut me off mid sentence and said, “You’re really nice, but I’m really not feeling this. I think you should go.” Lord, I am truly HUMBLED


One time I went indoor rock climbing on a Tinder date and the guy was on Grindr the entire time and then blocked me right after I left and then I had a panic attack on the sidewalk so maybe people who get married at 21 have a point


I was on a hinge date tonight and it wasn’t it and he seemed like he wanted round 2 and I didn’t know how to say na so I told him I believed the earth was flat


Once I was on a tinder date and accidentally got us lost so while we were wandering around I jokingly asked him what his worst first date was and he said “probably this one” there wasn’t a second date


This year I finally went out on some Hinge dates (wayyy out of my comfort zone) and the Very First Guy I went out with said he would text me and never did so when we got booked on the same comedy show I projected his texts for the audience to read that’s what I’m proud of in 2019


one time i was telling a tinder date about this very annoying guy i knew and fast-forward to 2 months they started dating and both of them blocked me 🤡


A man from hinge just asked me for my IG and when I gave it to him he unmatched me. Humbled. Truly humbled.

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