Teen Drama Moments That Were Ridiculous


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Teen Drama Moments That Were Ridiculous's Profile

Why did Rachel leave Funny Girl???

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community what TV moment was so ridiculous, out of character, or clearly done for shock value that it caused them to stop watching the show. Here are some of the best submissions about teen dramas!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.



When Nathan and Haley got married at age 16 on One Tree Hill:

The WB

“Honestly, and I know they ended up okay and were probably the best couple on the show, and I know the show didn’t go ‘downhill’ at that point, but it was too ridiculous for me to continue on.”



When Emily got pregnant, quit gymnastics, and left Make It or Break It because the actress who played her was actually pregnant IRL:


“It just seemed so out of the blue and was so disappointing. The underdog we were rooting for was all of a sudden out of the show completely.”



When Rory quit Yale on Gilmore Girls despite it being her dream school for years:

The WB

“Season 6 of Gilmore Girls was ridiculous. Rory had such drive for her career up until then. Because of one negative opinion, she crumbled and left Yale. This was such a weak and uncharacteristic portrayal of Rory.”



When Rachel left her dream Broadway role to go be in a bad TV show on Glee:


When Edgar tried to escape in a homemade rocket on Riverdale:

The CW

“I didn’t continue past the episode when Edgar Evernever made an attempt to escape in an Evel Knievel getup on his literal homemade rocket ship. Honestly, I can’t believe I watched up until that point.”



When Grace thought she killed her dad by having sex on Secret Life of the American Teenager:

ABC Family

“I kept rolling my eyes when she would mention it and one day, I got so fed up that I stopped watching the show altogether.”



When Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy) started dating Peyton on One Tree Hill:

The WB

“It was just so out of the blue and not to mention creepy because Peyton was still a minor!!! And then he was never mentioned again after like two episodes!! So frustrating.”



When Blaine hallucinated The Muppets on Glee:


Glee was not a great show for a TON of reasons, but this was the episode that I really lost the plot. Plus, no one should ever have to see felt puppets perform ‘What Does The Fox Say.'”



When a dog ate Dan’s heart just before his transplant on One Tree Hill:

The CW

“It is the most ridiculous and hilarious thing that has ever happened on TV, and after that, the show went to crap.”



When Riverdale introduced tickle porn as a plotline:

The CW

“From Season 3 on, Riverdale had a lot of um, questionable, plots. But the thing that sealed the deal for me was the tickling plot. I mean…WHY was that even necessary?!”



When Stefan lost his memory on The Vampire Diaries and didn’t even know who Damon or Elena were:

The CW

“From that moment, I knew the rest of the season was going to be bad and I had to really lower my expectations.”



When Bellamy murdered 300 sleeping soldiers sent to protect him on The 100:

The CW

“How can you go back to being a likable character after doing that? There was very little justification for it. Of course the season got worse after Lexa and Lincoln’s deaths as well, but that was the first sign the show lost its way. The show never ended up recapturing the magic, heart, and originality of Season 1 and 2 after that.”



When The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina started adding musical performances:


“They literally added nothing to the plot. There was only one scene where this would have made sense (the cheerleading practice), but there was no need for the human cheerleaders to be at the witch school (where humans aren’t allowed) and do a routine so Sabrina could open a portal to hell.”



When the Gargoyle King, a seemingly supernatural creature, was introduced on Riverdale:

The CW

“I used to really like watching Riverdale, but if I wanted to watch a show about mythological demons, I’d just turn on Supernatural, which is literally on the same channel.”



When Niki came back to life twice and revealed she was a triplet on Heroes:


“I remember loving Heroes until Ali Larter came back to life twice, and THEN FINALLY a third, and the answer was that Niki was actually a triplet. I could not accept that.”



When Regina married Angelo just so he wouldn’t be deported on Switched at Birth:


And when Patty killed Christian in a fit of rage on Insatiable:


“Maybe my expectations were at fault, but…the moment Patty committed her first murder I immediately stopped watching. What is that show even about?”


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