Teen Show Characters Who Defined 2000s Fashion


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Teen Show Characters Who Defined 2000s Fashion's Profile

Please give me Buffy’s closet.

Let me take you back to the 2000s. You’re still in school, your mom gave you $20 to go to the mall, and Christina Aguilera was still in the Top 40.


But what kind of clothes did you pick out at the mall? Did you go edgy like Effy Stonem, or funky like Lola Martinez? Or were you looking for the perfect rhinestone Lizzie McGuire style shirt?

Before we had our own fashion, we totally tried to copy our faves. Below, I’ve listed the 2000s icons that we ALL tried to emulate.

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Were you more Summer Roberts or Peyton Sawyer?


Summer from The O.C.


An icon with unlimited tank tops and halters. Also, remember when we loved sunglasses that made our eyes look like bug eyes?

What you bought: Low cut tank tops, headscarves, and white jeans.


Lizzie from Lizzie McGuire

Disney Channel

It was not a 2000s outfit without headbands and rhinestones! Also, props to Lizzie for finding a cute hairstyle that actually worked for her in middle school, unlike me, who curled her hair and STRAIGHTENED her weird choppy side bangs every day.

What you bought: Chokers and rhinsetoned tank tops with matching head scarves.


Lola from Zoey 101


Don’t lie, we ALL had a colored hairspray phase. Once again, though, I could never wear hats, because my head was too large. I feel it may have been for the best.

What you bought: A large assortment of hats and colored hair accessories and jewelry.


Naomi from 90210

The CW

My head was too big to pull off (well, to fit) hats like this. BUT I did try to steal those ruffled tops, and if a shirt or dress did not have an empire waist, I did not wear it.

What you bought: Ruffled tops, structured jackets, and floppy hats


Effy from Skins


Smearing black eyeliner everywhere never made us look like Effy, no matter how hard we tried. Apparently, leather jackets and combat boots are not enough to make you cool.

What you bought: Fishnet tights, a leather jacket, and combat boots.


Hannah/Miley from Hannah Montana

Disney Channel

My friend had a teal zebra print room, but my Bat Mitzvah dress was zebra, so…you decide who wins this round.

What you bought: Clashing colors, belts for your shirt, zebra print, and vests.


Marissa from The O.C.


Marissa singlehandedly brought back peasant skirts and it is her biggest crime.

What you bought: Long skirts and EXTREMELY low cut jeans.


Blair from Gossip Girl

The CW

I literally dressed like Blair every day in high school, but if Blair shopped at Forever 21.

What you bought: So many headbands. Also pearls and colored tights.


Elena from The Vampire Diaries

The CW

I swear to God Elena wore the same outfit in a different color every episode. Remind me why she was so special?

What you bought: Henleys specifically from Free People and a hair straightener.


London from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Disney Channel

London Tiptop is a style icon and no one can tell me otherwise. The shinier, the better.

What you bought: Anything rhinestoned, sequined, or with faux fur.


Brooke from One Tree Hill

The WB

A halter queen to rival Summer Roberts…both had BJSE (Big Juicy Sweatshirt Energy).

What you bought: Colorful halter dresses and tops and crop sweaters with weird necklines.


Serena from Gossip Girl

The CW

She was so ~romantic~ and “not like other girls” that she couldn’t even wear a graduation cap like the rest of society. EVEN BLAIR WORE ONE, SERENA!!

What you bought: High boots and vests.


Joey from Dawson’s Creek

The WB

You can’t be the girl next door without a massive supply of denim. Side note: I feel like we should make overalls a thing again.

What you bought: Jean overalls and oversized jackets.


Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB

Buffy was such a badass and we all wanted to be her. I still don’t understand how she kicked ass in these outfits, though.

What you bought: Crop tops, short skirts, oversized cardigans, and boots.


Raven from That’s So Raven

Disney Channel

Faux fur belonged on every collar, in every color, for every occasion.

What you bought: Anything colorful or with fur.


Peyton from One Tree Hill

The WB

We all had that phase where we thought liking Avril Lavigne made us edgy.

What you bought: Band tee shirts


Cassie from Skins


Cassie managed to look whimsical with her unique clothing and messy hair. We just looked like we’d raided the worst part of a thrift store and then been chased by a demon in the woods.

What you bought: Jeweled and sparkly dresses, long skirts, knee-highs.


And finally, Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place

Disney Channel

This is…exactly how my sister dressed in 9th grade. Becky, is this where you got your style??

What you bought: Layered, flowy tops in earth tones and thin scarves.

Did I miss any? What 2000s TV girl did you try to emulate? Let me know in the comments!

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