Test Your Home-Buying Knowledge With This Quiz

Test Your Home-Buying Knowledge With This Quiz


Test Your Home-Buying Knowledge With This Quiz's Profile

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A bit of good news for American home hunters: The supply-demand imbalance is narrowing, and mortgage rates have fallen.

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Despite these small wins, buying a home is still unaffordable to many in the US. Home prices are up, and mortgages are still up $245 a month from one year ago. Plus, the coronavirus pandemic has caused especially difficult financial hardship. While this has lessened from its peak in December 2020, around 28% of Americans still struggle with expenses as of July 2021.

With these financial hurdles in place, you have to not only have money for a down payment but also the savviness to navigate home-buying finances. So how much do you know about home buying? Take the quiz and find out!   

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