Things You’ll Only Understand If You Love Shopping At Kmart


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Things You’ll Only Understand If You Love Shopping At Kmart's Profile

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*Goes in for makeup wipes and comes out with a full trolley load of things.*


To you, Kmart isn’t just an affordable homewares and variety store.


It’s a one-stop shop, that is perfect for literally every occasion.


Every time you visit, you can’t help but suss out the clothing section, which is surprisingly filled with on-trend pieces.


And pick up a couple pairs of undies or a three-pack of socks because it’s SUCH a good deal.


The makeup section is almost always too tempting to resist.


And while you may have popped in for some makeup wipes, you’ll end up filling your basket with a dozen other things that won’t break the bank.


Most of the time, you end up buying things you actually don’t need, but the prices are too good to pass up.


Like, that beautiful journal — even though you already have dozens at home — and that gorgeous pot, which will be home to a plant one day.


But as any Kmart aficionado would know, the real strength of the store lies in its homewares section.


Common sense gets chucked out of the window as you add another stack of $3 plates to your trolley — even though you have more than enough at home.

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Okay, I know I have a set of six plates at home, but what if I have SEVEN people over for dinner one day. I must buy more.


And you can’t resist the urge to suddenly replace every mismatched mug in your cupboard with a whole new set.


Oh, and don’t forget about needing to update your shabby, old Tupperware — besides the bundles packs from Kmart are such a bargain.


Plus, you were inspired by those aesthetically pleasing pantries you saw on Pinterest, so in goes a couple of glass jars and wicker baskets to tidy up the kitchen.


This often leads to you spending hours in Kmart, when in reality, it was meant to be a 30-minute visit max.


And come checkout time, the total is almost always higher than you expected it to be because you got way too carried away.


Kmart is your first point of call whenever Christmas rolls around.


Not only is their craft section insane, which inspires the DIY-queen inside of you.


But its packed with decorations, gift packs, stocking fillers and Christmas tree options that don’t cost your entire pay-check.


You’ll often pass the photo printing stations and set a mental reminder to bring a USB the next time you’re there.


But then you’ll get distracted by the lollies, cookies and various other junk food finds lurking on Kmart shelves.


You even consider buying a new pair of shoes, just because they’re all priced so reasonably.


And getting an extra pair of sheets because they’re so cheap.


You’ve thought about buying something from somewhere else, but decided against it because you can just get it at Kmart.


Which has led to a late-night visit on more than one occasion at one of their 24-hour stores.


Because at the end of the day, there’s no other place you would like to be than browsing the shelves at Kmart.

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